Hi my name is carol. Recently returned from Hurgarda Eygpt with my youngest daughter Rebecca. We had 7 memorable days together. We stayed at the Aqua vista hotel. I can honestly say it was one of the best inclusive holidays ive had for a while. We were in series of hotels in a row, one included a aqua park. Great choice of food and drink and we felt very spoilt for a whole week. Really good area for snorkelling and we got to see the dolphins in the wild. Great mother and daughter experience so glad my daughter suggested this break.x

Community Radio Needed

I was so thrilled to find out about HCCM project to launch a community radio in Bedford. To me it is a great project that I highly support and would definitely work as a volunteer. I have 2 years experience in Radio broadcasting. It was in France between 1995 to 1997. It was not a commercial radio and I felt in love with broadcasting and sharing info with journalists and the auditors. Now very soon in Bedford a non commercial radio will focus on the communities to represent their voice on different issues and that will benefit Bedford as many people will need and love. To share their thoughts or issues.

Michel Brun

Introduction to Blogging and Websites

The course today was really useful and a lot of information was given that has enabled me look into setting up a website and how accessible it is. Lots of ways in expressing yourself through blogging was also introduced alongside different applications and their ease of usage. Lots of advice and interactive demonstrations given and it was definatley worth attending and would recommend to others.

Course Attendee 12th June 2019

What’s in a Market?

Bedford is a town built up and grown around a Market. In it’s first stages Farmer’s from the surrounding countryside came to the Corn Exchange to sell the produce they had grown and possibly buy goods themselves. These not only would have been vegetables but also livestock, something that doesn’t happen in 2019!

Cattle were brought to market in large lorries, called wagons, and unloaded into pens for farmers to view and place bids against the cows and bulls on sale. Smaller livestock was available such as chickens, ducks and rabbits and often taken home in a variety of ways including crates, cages and even cardboard boxes. As time has passed, and also laws on selling live animals this no longer takes place here but in purpose built venues in other parts of the County.

With the disappearance of livestock other items were introduced and soon became common place covering a whole rage of goods that reflect the culture of the day and the move into the next development era. Items covering house and home suddenly appeared and stalls of china began to appear. This was sold by auction and consisted of large wicker baskets being loaded with whole tea sets, and a man with gavel (wooden hammer) would shout out the price and engage customers in a falling auction. When enough people were interested he would sell at a pre set price and bang the gavel to close the sale. Fascinating to watch him engage the crowd, but don’t get carried away in the game or you could come home with crockery you never intended to buy!

Vegetables still remain available at Market today but are now a more exotic variety which have been imported from other E.U. countries. Even though we grow strawberries in this country we have limited availability because of our weather. Not so in places such as Spain, Portugal and Morocco who easily grow them out of season and sell them to us. Farmers keep up with customer needs and bring them to market to sell with their own local grown produce.

What happens at Market today?

Bedford currently hosts themed weeks promoting a variety of meats, vegetables and other goods from different countries at different times of the year. We have a French week where all sorts of goods from France suddenly appear outside Marks and Spencer and Boots and curious bedfordian’s come browsing the offers. These weeks have proved popular, possibly because people travel more widely these days, and themes from Spain, Germany and Poland have also proved popular.

Goods offered for sale have also changed from the days of livestock and incorporate clothing stalls of all styles for both children and adults. These stalls have been in competition with Primark, Next and New Look which are the current high street trend setters for the young and have set up the stalls directly outside these shops.

Author Malvina Innes

Reggae Music – The Truest World Music?

In global terms, Reggae is flourishing. Most countries have at least one large reggae-specific festival or related event featuring new and classic Jamaican bands or artists alongside established American and European acts. More importantly, each country will have their own acts rubbing shoulders with the better known acts.

Yet, with all of this planet-wide activity, there is little indication that reggae has any kind of saleable quality, i.e., very few reggae songs or albums chart around the world. Considering that rock bands using reggae-inspired content in their lyrics and music have seen a fairly high level of success, it isn’t happening for true reggae acts somehow.

Why is this happening? Personally, I feel that there is an indifference from the major music labels to the music because of its well known message of peace, love, unity as well as the more spiritual element in Rastafarian culture and manifesto.

The same seems to have happened with more traditional Punk and New Wave content, Punk especially because of its sociopolitical leanings. But the pretty-young-person image driven so-called punk bands who to me are no better than S-Club 7 with guitars are raking it in and killing the independent, alternative undercurrence by unashamedly embracing high level commercialism. Sanitisation? I think so.

I don’t think that reggae needs commercial success but I do seriously believe that, especially in the modern world, it could do with a lot more respect.

One love – Always.

Jooo X

Rawkut Fashion

When you think about the clothes you wear, “fashion” does not always spring to mind as you’re sitting there in your funky looking clothes that are only good for wearing at home! Reason being, you’ve probably had it in your wardrobe for years, and it’s something you genuinely loved the hell out of it, and wished you could go back to those happy memories of when you wore it confidently.

Well…… I’m here to tell you, you can go to the ball cinderella! You can take that much loved item of clothing and use it as a pattern to make a brand new item of any colour, and I will tell you how. How happy are you?

Top 18 Reasons Your PC Might Not Be Working.

Mouse and keyboard are not wireless and not plugged in.

User turned in opposite direction from computer and believes its not working.

User still a single celled organism and does not possess hands and fingers with opposable thumbs.

User attempting to type with forehead.

User believes computer can read his/her mind: Tries to move mouse pointer on screen using ESP.

When asked over the phone if computer is working, user responds: “What’s a computer?”.

User has window blinds on monitor and blinds are closed.

User calls tech support, concerned that pc does not have a pulse.

Computer in sleep mode and user does not wish to disturb its dream.


When attempting to solve the user’s problem over the phone, tech support didn’t say “Simon says”.

The Russians did it.

Computer hasn’t been paid.

Attempt to change tv channel using Microsoft Excel fails.

User surprised he/she can type multiple words in Microsoft Word.

Fear of accessing the world wide web due to arachnophobia.

Tech support unaware, on phone, that screen too bright for vampire user.

Computer genuinely doesn’t work!

Derick O.

Ride Around Old Warden

Ride Around Old Warden


So, the sun was shining, I had a couple of hours to spare, and my bike needed a run out after I’d fitted a new chain. Perfect conditions for a spin on my tried and trusted loop from Bedford to Old Warden and back. {Insert link to map, etc.}

Setting off through Priory Country Park and under the A421, I’m in Cardington before I know it. It’s a little too early to call into the Kings Arms, so I hang a right and get a view of Cardington sheds in all their glory. Not unusually, the wind comes as a bit of a shock as I turn the corner, but it’s not too bad today, thankfully.

There’s an old railway embankment that runs through the fields off to the left. I’m sure there’s some history to that, and I keep thinking I ought to look it up sometime – does anybody out there know about it?

No matter how many times I ride up {name?} hill, it doesn’t get any easier. No matter, it’s not a race. There’s a small pull-in at the top where, if you look back and it’s a good day for it, you get a great view back across the sheds to Bedford in the distance. It puts paid to the argument that ‘it’s all flat around here’ (it’s not).

Did you know that we have a vineyard locally? It’s just on the right down here, just after a right-hand turn. {Insert link to vineyard} (This right-hand turn in itself provides a nice variation today’s route, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.) By all accounts, last year produced a bumper crop on the vines, I’d love to taste the results – but maybe it’s best to wait a year or two? 

At the junction at the end of this road, I sometimes see a red kite or two, floating around looking for something to eat. Today, I’m in luck, and I stop off to enjoy the sight of them soaring away and wheeling back, always a joy to see.

From this junction I can turn left for a short loop, or carry on (bearing right) down towards Ireland (no, not that one)

to be continued…