Blogging – 10 simple tips to make your blog great

Here is our simple ‘How To’ list of hints and tips… Read ours, Read others and make your own.


  • Be relevant, be unique (or attempt it, maybe a different angle?), come up with an area or topic or theme that you can write on with knowledge, experience and interest.
  • Be yourself, people love the personal approach or style, even if blogging as a company or organisation, find a balance between too personal and “faceless organisation”
  • Practice, edit and change – but don’t over think it or over analysis, it will take time to get it right and develop your voice and style.
  • Be open, honest, upfront.. never hold back an agenda, put it front and centre, call assumptions for what they are.
  • Write how you talk, blogging – even in a “corporate” sense needs to sound personal.
  • Know your audience (or target), your blog needs to talk to that audience, and you need to grow it. Consider how you share your blog, an email list of those that might be interested (see mailchimp), and network)
  • Know why you are doing it, what’s your motivation? what are you getting out of it, and more importantly what is your audience going to get out of it.
  • Have a plan and plan to be consistent. Once a week, Once a month, Daily etc? know how often you are going to blog, plan ahead or even write ahead..
  • Grammar and Spelling – get it right


  • Content is key and king, good content will shine through
  • Make it shareable, twitter, facebook etc and make people want to share it
  • Engaging – not only should it capture people, but when you have an audience base use then.. ask them questions (Call to action)
  • Guest posts, offer your content or voice on other blogs (Cross pollinate), but also ask people to guest for you as long as it’s relevant.
  • Too little or too much? Be concise, a few hundred words up to what? 500, 600, 1000? know what your audience will accept.
  • Headlines – make them catchy, clear and shareables.
    • Including lists! People love lists, it might have drawn you here? was this 10 top tips.. nope, and I was dishonest.. but you are here (don’t follow this example)

What else would you add?