Community News – Dunstable Community Newspaper

June 2016 sees us launch our Community News project, a media training project to train a group of the local community in Community Journalism and Media.

Are you 19 years old or over?
Live in or around Dunstable (including Houghton Regis and other wider areas)?
Not in full time employment, education or training?
Want to learn about journalism, help launch a community newspaper and?

Community News is a community media learning project, and a FREE course running between June & July in Dunstable.

It’s a free training project, where you learn about journalism & community media and work together to launch a community focused newspaper.
In addition to that you will learn lots of great skills to help you grow, develop and find new opportunities.

Taking part in the project will help you develop and improve skills in;
group work, presentation, interviewing, literacy, media & social media and an increased self confidence, have new friends and be involved in the community.


The project is being run by Home Counties Community Media, funded by a Skills Funding Agency grant from The Learning Partnership.

Project Funders and our Partners: