Ride Around Old Warden


So, the sun was shining, I had a couple of hours to spare, and my bike needed a run out after I’d fitted a new chain. Perfect conditions for a spin on my tried and trusted loop from Bedford to Old Warden and back. {Insert link to map, etc.}

Setting off through Priory Country Park and under the A421, I’m in Cardington before I know it. It’s a little too early to call into the Kings Arms, so I hang a right and get a view of Cardington sheds in all their glory. Not unusually, the wind comes as a bit of a shock as I turn the corner, but it’s not too bad today, thankfully.

There’s an old railway embankment that runs through the fields off to the left. I’m sure there’s some history to that, and I keep thinking I ought to look it up sometime – does anybody out there know about it?

No matter how many times I ride up {name?} hill, it doesn’t get any easier. No matter, it’s not a race. There’s a small pull-in at the top where, if you look back and it’s a good day for it, you get a great view back across the sheds to Bedford in the distance. It puts paid to the argument that ‘it’s all flat around here’ (it’s not).

Did you know that we have a vineyard locally? It’s just on the right down here, just after a right-hand turn. {Insert link to vineyard} (This right-hand turn in itself provides a nice variation today’s route, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.) By all accounts, last year produced a bumper crop on the vines, I’d love to taste the results – but maybe it’s best to wait a year or two? 

At the junction at the end of this road, I sometimes see a red kite or two, floating around looking for something to eat. Today, I’m in luck, and I stop off to enjoy the sight of them soaring away and wheeling back, always a joy to see.

From this junction I can turn left for a short loop, or carry on (bearing right) down towards Ireland (no, not that one)

to be continued…


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